“Sweet Stackers: A Cookier’s Dream….a way to store my cookies in an airtight container, that does not take up a lot of room. …some of these cookies, I baked and decorated TWO WEEKS ago and they are still as fresh as day one.  Now, if you are not a cookie decorator, this is still a must have in my book.”

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Kim – TheCookiePuzzle.com – Missouri


“…made my 6+ dozen cookies to take to school for my kids and I was so relieved that I didn’t have to take 12 different containers of all different shapes and sizes. They all fit nice and neat with my stackers in my one container. I’m not sure I’ve ever made it to a school party with just one container.

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Cecily Butler – WAHMReview.com – Missouri


Delicate cookies and baked items can be hard to store. I usually wind up either having trays in single layers or just stacking cookies on top of each other at weird angles. That’s fine for family nibbles but for storing or transporting cookies as gifts, give these reasonably priced plastic layers a try!

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Cindy Kerschner – Pennsylvania


“It definitely makes saving cookies a lot easier. I love the fact. Especially since I do make peanut butter blossoms every year. I have to have a way to stack them nice and neat without fear of my cookies getting ruined. This product makes my life better because my cookies are not being smashed and destroyed anymore.”

Crystal Green – South Carolina

“I have purchased many times… When baking in “bulk” – these make the process so much smoother and organized!”

JoBees Cookies via Etsy.com


“Fits perfectly, saves me so much space and no more broken cookies!”

Michael – via Etsy.com


“Such a smart product! Excellent customer service. Will definitely order again!”

Amy – via Etsy.com


“Great product for maximizing food storage! This has made storing food so convenient when it comes to things that can’t be placed on top of another. I made key lime bars and the trays helped me double the storage space and so I only needed one container! I also was able to store leftover pizza so much better b/c the pizza slices didn’t sit directly on each other!”

Sandra – via Amazon.com


“These were great for bringing my frosted cookies to a party. I was able to fit them all into the same container, and the frosting didn’t get smudged! Great product!”

Jamie – via Amazon.com


“This product is genius! It is a bakers best friend.”

Misti – via Etsy.com


“I’m very happy with these. They kept my cookies perfectly for my daughters class birthday snack!”

Caitlyn – via Etsy.com


“Great product and prompt service. Was looking for something like this for ages and finally found a great solution. I bought some of the recommended containers to get the perfect fit and am very happy with it. Great storage for all my Christmas cookies.”

Michael – via Etsy.com


“The other day I made these desserts that I could not stack on top of each other. after using a few containers I got disgusted on how many containers I had to store in my refrigerator. I figured there had to be a better way! I found sweet stackers and ordered them they were shipped so promptly, easy to wash and dry, they do exactly what they said!!! I have one container and now I can stack my desserts on and not worry about them being smashed!”

Dianne – Pennsylvania via Etsy.com

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