Sweet StackersTM is a versatile system used to store and transport layers of baked goods in any container!   The product was designed to maximize food storage space preventing cookies and desserts from sticking together and protecting the topping, decorations or icing.

SweetStackers stackable trays layer baked goods

Sweet StackersTM fit a variety of plastic food storage containers, but most importantly they fit the major brands like Rubbermaid®, Tupperware® and Sterilite®. Most likely, you probably already own one of these containers! Use the cross reference chart to find a matching tray to fit your container.

Now available in 4 sizes!

8x8PackageSweet StackersTM consist of trays and risers that stack to elevate food items above each other in layers. 

The Stackable Food Storage System comes with the following pieces:

2 – Trays

8 – 3/4 Inch Stackers

4 – 1 1/4 Inch Stackers

The system can be used to create two or three separate tiers in a typical 3″ deep container.   Sets can be combined to create more layers in deeper containers.   

The risers can be repositioned or squeezed flat between any size food item.

The trays and risers are made from a food safe, lightweight, sturdy, corrugated plastic material which is washable, will not absorb oils and can be placed in the refrigerator or freezer.

Sweet Stackers Dishwasher safeIf you plan to reuse your Sweet StackersTM, we recommend to wipe down the trays and risers with soap and water and leave to dry thoroughly on a dish rack. 

Sweet StackersTM are dishwasher safe on the top rack only.  The riser pieces should be placed in a dishwasher basket.  Once removed from the dishwasher, the trays and risers should be placed on a dish rack to thoroughly air dry.

The food storage system stores nicely in the provided resealable plastic packaging.

The following charts provides a cross reference of Sweet StackerTM trays and major brand food storage containers.
If you can’t view the image below, click on the following file .PDF file “ Container Sizes ” to view a sample of containers the Sweet StackersTM fit.

Note: Sweet StackersTM are not limited to these containers and can be used for any similar sized food storage containers!

Sweet Stackers now has a YouTube Channel where you can see first hand how the product works and get new ideas on how to use them!

How to create a multi-level container:

How to use Sweet Stackers:

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