Sweet StackersTM became a resolution to a food storage problem that my Mom and I have been encountering for years!  My family bakes Kolacky, a fruit filled cookie/pastry, for most holiday desserts.  They are pretty easy to make, bite-size and they freeze nicely in a plastic storage containers.  We like to make them for dessert a couple of weeks before the holiday so we can concentrate on cooking the main dinner.  The problem is storing them without messing up the fruit filled top of the kolacky.  We were storing them in separate containers and you could only imagine how much space that took up in our little freezer!

Kolacky - Czech Cookies

I decided to design a way to safely stack a whole batch of kolacky in a plastic storage container that I already own.  Surprisingly, I found that I was using them all of the time in my kitchen for a variety of reasons: from icing cut out sugar cookies for my kid’s birthday parties, transporting appetizers to a friends house, freezing berries or veggies to storing left-over pizza in my refrigerator without a soggy, sticky mess.

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