Storing Chocolates, Truffles & Candies

Let Sweet Stackers safely store your sweets, chocolates, truffles and confections.

These chocolate truffles should be stored in the refrigerator to set and later stored in an air-tight container.  Instead of fighting with curly parchment paper or trying to squeeze large cookie sheets in your refrigerator, homemade chocolates can be placed on reusable plastic trays made to fit an air-tight container you already own.  Sweet Stackers can separate and layer the chocolates in multiple layers in one container.  They create a working surface that can be easily lifted and placed in your container.  One step, without transferring from parchment lined cookie sheets to a container.  Plus this helps prevent them from sticking, melting together or messing the decorations.  Plus you can maximize storage by getting a lot of chocolates all in one container!

SweetStackers chocolate storage trays for containers

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